Are you a Visionary?

Rate the following statements on a scale of 1-5. A '1' meaning that the statement applies to me only a little or none at all.

1I have an affinity for tackling and creatively solving the biggest, most complex problems.
2I am constantly generating new ideas. I never run out.
3I am a great leader. People tend to follow me.
4I am highly optimistic in my outlook.
5My natural perspective is oriented toward things that are external to the company, big picture or futuristic thinking.
6I am the creator of, and champion for, the company Vision.
7I sometimes find it difficult to translate my Vision into something that others understand. They don’t seem to get it.
8I eventually have the “right” idea, and know it. It may come from having a large volume of different ideas, or a small number that I feel strongly about.
9I have zero patience for putting operational policy, structure, and repeatability systems in place.
10I naturally think about the future of the industry, our product or our service, what’s coming, and how we can best position the company to take advantage of it.
11I am naturally insightful, skilled at deductive reasoning, and highly innovative in thinking of ways to make ideas bigger and better.
12I don’t like being held accountable, or being told what to do. I find it challenging to establish genuine accountability in my company.
13I embrace and enjoy the role of being the engine for big, new, breakthrough ideas, the spark, getting them started.
14I embrace and enjoy the role of solving the biggest problems faced by the company.
15I embrace and enjoy the role of being responsible for a few large, key, strategic relationships (vendor, client, banking, industry).
16I embrace and enjoy the role of selling and closing big deals.
17I struggle with follow-through. I lose interest in finishing new ideas. I don’t have patience or interest for a lot of detail. I wish people would get to the point. I get bored and distracted very easily.
18I embrace and enjoy the role of being the “entrepreneurial spark plug” providing passion and inspiration.
19I embrace and enjoy the role of researching and developing new products and services.
20I embrace and enjoy the role of leading the way on learning and discovery that advances the organization.