Are you an Integrator?

Rate the following statements on a scale of 1-5. A '1' meaning that the statement applies to me only a little or none at all.

1I am adept at quickly identifying and articulating problems, bottlenecks, disconnects, roadblocks and barriers.
2I am great at taking ideas and effectively initializing plans to make them a reality.
3I am a great manager of people.
4I get accused of being a pessimist and “hole poker.”
5My natural perspective is oriented toward things that are internal to the company. Getting the house in order/ship-shape
6I am good at (and get a rush out of) being provided with a company Vision, and then turning it into something real.
7I am really good at translating someone’s Vision into something others can understand and get on board with—laying a solid foundation for execution.
8I am great at choosing which options are the best priorities for the organization.
9I recognize the need for operational policy, structures, and repeatability to make the Vision a reality. I am able to define meaningful rules and put them in place – without slowing things down and while improving efficiency.
10I naturally think about the present, what needs to happen now, and how to keep everything on track for the future vision.
11I am naturally analytical, skilled at deductive reasoning, and highly adept at implementing solutions.
12I am comfortable being held accountable, and holding others accountable. I see the value in creating the infrastructure for accountability across the organization, and am comfortable putting this in place.
13I embrace and enjoy the role of executing and delivering P&L results.
14I embrace and enjoy the role of providing leadership, management, and accountability for the company’s Leadership Team.
15I embrace and enjoy the role of effectively integrating all the major functions of the organization.
16I embrace and enjoy the role of effectively resolving cross- functional issues, making sure they are harmoniously integrated and orchestrated.
17I embrace and enjoy the role of ensuring adherence to the organizations core processes and operating system.
18I embrace and enjoy the role of ensuring the organization is aligned with the company’s Core Values.
19I love running the day-to-day of the business, and take great pride in “making sure the trains run on-time.”
20I embrace and enjoy the role of ensuring the communication is effectively flowing across the organization.